The Gods And Ghosts Of Bleecker Street

An American Musical Motion Picture

The Gods And Ghosts Of Bleecker Street

An American Musical Motion Picture


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writer • producer

Tom MacLear's last public appearance was on Jimmy Kimmel Live in  December.  Since then he announced his retirement from music and  touring and has since resurrected a film project he had in  development 20 years ago.

Initially conceived for stage in 1996, the project grew into a feature film joint venture in 2000: The script created seed money, endorsements and letters of intent from numerous Directors, Actors and Producers. 

Unfortunately, 9/11 rendered the script inappropriate to pursue at the time so it was set-aside for a more appropriate time of social and commercial appeal. 

Tom MacLear's new film project is now in its full developmental stages. 



This films time in now, the social climate is perfect, the political unrest this year is extremely conducive to the film's social relevance, the music is top notch, character back-stories are deep and the films principal story line is bold and captivating. 


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The Gods And Ghosts Of Bleecker Street